New Year New Books?


Happy New Year!

The start of the year is always exciting for many reasons. One of them being a great time to refresh your reading and decide what kind of books you want to read for the remainder of the year. I always like to start my January off with a massive text, mainly because January is always so cold and long which is a perfect time to snuggle up with a large tome in lap. As I reflect back on my reading of 2017, I have to be honest with myself and say that I did not read as much as I wanted to. My reading was at a much slower pace and I didn’t get to read all of the books I had planned. If you’re anything like me and    kicking yourself for not have a productive reading year, don’t. You have a brand new year to jump start on the reading you had planned and 2018 will be a great year in books, I can already tell.  As you know, there are many reading challenges out there including the famous Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge and Popsugar’s Reading Challenge  and plethora of more on the internet, while those are very helpful and a great tool to guide you if you don’t know where to start, don’t forget about the books you had planned last year to read. Keep the momentum up and finish what you started in 2017, you never know, you may be able to cross off the items on the challenges’ list. Here are my tips for incorporating those books you wanted read in 2017 and for the new books that you can’t seem to stop eying.

  1. Make a list


Create list of the books you want to read for the MONTH. Yes, month not year. This way it can be more achievable instead of having a large list of books and you not knowing where to start. Keep the list realistic to your work/school/personal life.


2.  Revaluate the books from 2017

Go through the books you had picked out from last year and decide if you still feel the same desire and urge to read them. If you don’t have the same energy toward the book as you did last year, place it aside to read at a later time.


3.  Challenge yourself

It’s important as a reader, to constantly push yourself to learn more through reading and exploring various texts. Incorporate your learning into your reading. For every book that you were supposed to read in 2017, pick a new book that is out of your comfort zone.  Whether that book be a western classic,  memoir, or graphic novel, challenge yourself to expand your reading horizon.


4. Get organized


Often times when I buy books, I realize my to-read list is steadily growing and I end up with a lump of books on the floor. Organize your books physically so you have a nice clean space for your books. Starting with freshly organized shelves really helps you find the books you’re looking for, and it also creates an inviting environment for reading, one that is stress free and relaxing.


5. Track your progress

Keep a reading log of what you are currently reading, to see how many books from 2017 you completed, as well as how many new books you incorporated into your new regime. I myself keep a digital log of all my reading, so I know exactly where I am at all times. It’s fun to see all of the books that you have read for the year.


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