Happy National Book Month


Happy late but nonetheless happy, World Book Day and National Book Month! It’s a great time to dive into reading, or to revisit some of your favorite books. Many schools have different events for National Reading Month, and seeing the kids get dressed as their favorite story book characters is always endearing. As reading plays an important part in shaping the way we speak, think, and feel, it’s crucial we encourage others as well as ourselves to fully indulge in reading and improving our literacy. Reading is the foundation for so many things in our lives, and it’s our job as parents, educators, role modals, or friend to emphasize the importance of books.

From a child’s first foray into the depths of a story to an adult’s escape into a world of words, reading plays an integral role in our lives.”
-President Barack Obama

Besides Black History Month  and Christmas holiday, National Book Month is a favorite of month of mine. It’s during a great time of the year where most people find themselves in a mid winter slump, looking for something to revive them. As your resident book hero (not really) I have come up with some things you can do this month to spark your interest in reading and love for words.

  1. Visit your local library- This a wonderful time to shower your library with lots of love. Not only do they have a fairly great reading selection during this month, libraries tend to host special events just for National Book Month.


2. Find a bookish foundation and get in involved! There are so many foundations that emphasize reading and literacy. Here’s a link to one called the Reading Rockets their mission is pretty awesome.

3. Start a book club with your friends- What better way to bond, than over a good book? Here you can find some top reading selections  just for book clubs.

4. Read a book every week- Yes, I know this one can be challenging, but this month you can try to kick your reading into high speed and read books you usually wouldn’t.

5. Write a review or two-This is a great way to write down what you thought about a book you read. They are many ways to dive into book blogging, or if you don’t want to blog, then you can write in a book journal to document your inner musings.

6. Take your children to a book reading- I used to love these as a child and remember the storyteller always use to dress up in beautiful costumes to read the books. Check your local bookstores and libraries to see if they have any upcoming children storytelling events that you can take your kids to enjoy.


7. Join in the brouhaha that is Tournament of Books- Come one come call to the amazingly entertaining book event that is know as the Tournament of Books. See literary heavyweights battle it out for the top spot. Check it out here.


These are just a few things you can do to enjoy National Book Month. Keep reading and enjoy this time to immerse yourself in books. Check back for more events!

Happy Reading!




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