How I Prepare for My Christmas Reading Binge



It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, I’m taking about Christmas coming up this week! Also my birthday, which is Christmas Eve (don’t forget ;)). The Christmas holiday is always my favorite time to curl up with a good book and relax. It’s a time I get to catch up on any reading that I didn’t accomplish earlier, and it’s just genuinely a great reading period. I’m festive, I’m in the mood, I’m warm with hot cocoa; it’s a bookish holiday for me! However, I do have to prepare my winter reading binge in advance and make sure I am fully stocked of bookish necessities before I start my hibernation. With this being said, I have created my winter reading regime  for your reading pleasure. These are the ways I like to keep warm in the winter and fully enjoy my bookish holiday.

  1. Yummy snacks

Before you start your Christmas reading binge, snacks are a MUST to keep your stomach satisfied while your pages deep in your gigantic tome.  I like to keep my snacks clean (non greasy and non sticky) so I won’t ruin my pages.  Aim for snacks like dried apple crisps, nuts, crackers, carrot and celery sticks. They’re not only delicious and healthy, but they won’t leave your book’s pages looking like a baby covered in strawberry jam had some fun.

Apple crisps:

2. Warmth

Chances are that it’s a little cold outside and you’ll be reading indoors. Living in South Korea, I’ve experienced the winter season a few times now and I definitely prefer to be indoors.  I grab my warm blanket and toasty socks and curl up in my bed and enjoy my reading time. Being comfortable is very important when reading in order to maximize your experience. For me, I like to be tucked in and warm. Try these fun blankets and/or socks that are not only comfortable but fun to look at!


Blanket guide:

3. Lighting

Yes. When I begin my Christmas book binge, to me lighting is everything.  I don’t like anything super bright, but I also don’t want it to be so dark that I have to strain my eyes. I tend to pick locations that are dimmer in light (think sunset lighting), or have a nice warm glow. Whatever your lighting preference is, just make sure you aren’t hurting your eyes and it’s comfortable for you.


Selecting a good reading lamp article:

4. Drink of choice

Tis the season to grab a hot mug of cocoa or coffee or tea. I really like having something warm to drink while I am reading. It makes me more comfortable and I tend to ease into my reading a bit more. However be careful not to choose something that makes you doze off instead! Try this delicious hot chocolate recipe.



That’s it! Those are my basic reading ingredients to fully enjoy the Christmas reading season. For me it’s all about comfort during the winter season, so I like to choose a warm and quiet environment that will allow me to relax and not stress. I hope these small tips can help you in  some way. What does your winter/Christmas reading binge regime look like? Share your thoughts below!

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday season!




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