The Man Booker Prize of 2015 Winner is….

marlon james

Congratulations to Marlon James the winner of the Man Booker Prize of 2015.  The Man Booker Prize 2015 was announced Tuesday night, October 13th. James won for his novel A Brief History of Seven Killings which is an epic tale about the gang violence in Jamaica, the almost assination of Bob Marley, and the expansion of corruption in the neighborhood.

His novel beat out front runner Hanya Yanagihara’s highly discussed novel, A Little Life.  There is currently a lot of buz surrounding Marlon James’ novel and  even though I have never read his novel, I’m excited to see a Jamaican writer win this year (whoop!).  He is also the FIRST Jamaican writer to win in all of the 47 years the Man Booker Prize has been active.

Gutteral, powerful, and downright gripping, A Brief History of Seven Killings is making giant waves. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and I urge you to do the same! Congratulations again Marlon James!

Read more about Marlon James and the Man Booker Prize here.


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