Book Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I’m hosting a  book giveaway just in time for Mother’s Day! The book is Living with Intent by Mallika Chopra. Some of you are familiar with this last name and it’s because it’s Deepak Chopra’s daughter! Here’s some more information on the book:

Living With Intent cover

“Whether we know it or not, we matter; today matters. Mallika Chopra shows us all how to live quiet lives of inspiration. Her book and journey are not to be missed.”

—Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love

“Mallika Chopra was consistently finding herself overwhelmed with the stress of trying to balance being a mother, wife, and successful entrepreneur. But it was more than being overwhelmed; she felt guilty about not giving each section of her life (her children, her husband, her career) the attention it deserved. Even though she spoke to others about bringing balance into their lives as the CEO of—a portal dedicated to sharing and supporting people’s intentions—Mallika realized that she had lost her own purpose, balance, and peace.

Being the daughter of famous healer Deepak Chopra doesn’t mean you are immune to the chaos, exhaustion, and stress that so many people experience each and every day. But it does mean that when you realize you need help, you can access a world of wisdom. LIVING WITH INTENT: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy (on sale April 7, 2015, Harmony Books) is Mallika Chopra’s practical yet deeply personal look at her yearlong journey to discover some workable answers to feeling overwhelmed.

On her path to live a more meaningful life, Chopra sat down with experts, including Andrew Weil, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Daniel Siegel, Ariana Huffington, and Caryl Stern, who’s valuable advice and input is gathered in this practical memoir. Each chapter is devoted to one step on her journey and a piece of her INTENT action plan.”

If you are looking for some balance in  your life or know someone who is, this book is perfect. It’s a great gift to give for mother’s day. Highly recommended by authors all around the world, Chopra’s healing book will surely make you feel at peace.

To enter the giveaway (U.S.A. participants only):

1. Post the picture of the cover page of the book (found above), on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

2. Write #choprabookgiveaway as the caption/status/tweet

3. I will pick one winner to receive a copy! 

Good luck and happy reading!


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