Tips on Getting Through an Uninteresting Book


We’ve all been there. We’ve all picked up a book, hoping it would gain our interest, however it fell by the wayside and we felt the lugubrious task of trying to finish said novel. Sometimes we have no choice but to finish the novel, maybe due to an assignment or special task. Or if you are anything like me, you feel the need to finish the novel, no matter how terrible it may be. Recently I picked up the novel Catch 22 by Joseph Heller and I absolute loathed the entire thing (sorry to any fans of the book). I trudged through all four hundred and something pages, and felt relieved when it was over.  Some novels, are just not meant for us, and I completely embrace that. However here are some tips for getting through those tomes that you despise so much.

Tip 1. Setting: If you are not liking what you are reading, consider the setting in which you are reading in. I suggest changing your setting. Perhaps you’ve been reading someplace busy, switch to someplace quiet to allow yourself to fully soak up the author’s words.

Tip 2. Listen to the audio book version: Perhaps listening to the audio book copy of the novel will help you be more engaged in the novel. Sometimes embarking from the drone of your own voice or “inner reading voice” and listening to someone else read the novel, can aid in peaking your interest for the book again.

Tip 3. Find someone else who has/is reading the book: It’s always fun having a friend reading the same novel as you. You can discuss interesting things you discover in the novel, as well hold each other accountable. Sharing view points can help you realize things you hadn’t noticed before.

Tip 4. Find the movie version: Some people say that this is a bad idea, that it ruins the authenticity of the novel. However, if you are really struggling, sometimes the movie version of the book can aid you with visual representations and help you identity with some of the difficult elements that are perhaps better illustrated through the screen.

Tip 5: Step away from the book: No, seriously. Sometimes putting the novel down and taking a break from your reading, can actually allow your brain to rest, to reset itself. I have done this several times with my reading and have found it easier when I came back to finish the book. If you are struggling with your reading, I highly suggest putting the book down for a while and try reading something else or not read at all (gasp I know!)

Tip 6: Make a list: Create a list of the things you are enjoying about the book. It can be as simple as you liking the sentence structuring, or perhaps the book has short chapters, the characters are interesting, etc. Try focusing on the positive elements of the book instead of the negative. Finding something you like can propel you further into wanting to find other positive things about the book, and before you know it, you just completed the read!

Tip 7: Break up: If you have tried tip 1-6 and still can’t get through the pages. It is time to break up with the book. As I stated before, every book isn’t for us and sometimes you just have to face the music (or words in this case ) and not finish the book. I understand this can be a struggle for some readers as I am still struggling with this today. However it’s OKAY if you don’t finish it, because you could be spending your time reading other books that you enjoy!

I hope these tips help you in a creating the best reading experience for those troublesome reads. What do you do when you can’t get through reading a book?


3 thoughts on “Tips on Getting Through an Uninteresting Book

  1. Number one, two and five really work for me. Another thing I do is read a really good book at the same time, I read a chapter of the boring book before I get to read a chapter of the exciting one.


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