Book Review: American Psycho-Brent Easton Ellis


When you look around the room, what do you envision? When you walk down the street or meet someone for the first time, how do you picture their life. Is is true that everyone has a harrowing secret-a past( or present) that hides away from societies scope? Do our dark secrets and wishes ever come to fruition, or do they rest uneasily inside of us?

Patrick Bateman is one such man, who coins the term “everything isn’t as it appears.” He is rich, handsome, educated, and works on Wall Street. Bateman is obsessed with material things and how things look and how much they cost. On the outside he appears to be irresistible to both men and women alike. Caught in the drift of the young and successful, Bateman is unstoppable and charismatic. However, harboring a deep secret that slowly leaks out of his pores, is that he is a complete and utter psychopathic killer.

Ellis creates a character who is yes, satirical, sexist, and undoubtedly racist as many reviews had written. Patrick Batemen grips the reader with attention to detail, from his Ralph Lauren robes to  how he performs his murders.  The novels moves in a way as to not leave anything out, and as we are planted inside of his mind, Ellis makes sure that we remain there until the very end.

I had the all the characteristics of a human being-flesh, blood, skin, hair,-but my depersonalization was so intense, had gone so deep, that the normal ability to feel compassion had been eradicated, the victim of a slow, purposeful erasure. I was simply imitating reality, a rough resemblance of a human being, with only a dim corner of my mind functioning.  

I absolutely loved this book, in all its sick gory. I’ve never read anything like this before. Ellis writes with such rich detail it’s hard not to be completely engulfed by the novel.  American Psycho is absolutely an Adult novel; therefore anyone under the age of 20, BACK AWAY! Batemen is a despicable character, yet I found myself wondering what he was going to do next, who he was going to torture next. Ellis definitely pushes several boundaries with this one, and I can only applaud him for going there- all the way there. Because Bateman is a psychopath, he is void of feeling sympathy for anyone. He is however evoked by strange and random things, making him feel pain in his body. I was little apprehensive when I first started this novel, and some of the sexist comments by the characters really turned my off (Ellis you don’t think like that in real life do you?). HOWEVER, once you sink into the first 100 pages of the novel, you’re locked into it, willingly or unwillingly. The writing is good, and Ellis has a strong voice when it come to murders, and well, psychopaths… The research done on all of the material things Bateman and his friends are interested in, really impressed me. Although the life of Patrick Bateman catches you in a whirlwind, the novel was crafted with fine detail and time. The novel is dark, scary, disgusting, and leaves you with the residue of blood beneath your fingers. If you can handle it , I would absolutely recommend this novel to you. Good luck, and you’ve been warned.

Happy Reading!


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