Book Confessions: I order way to many books.


I have finally come to terms with a serious problem I have developed: I order too many books online. This morning when I signed onto my computer I immediately clicked online to my now favorite online bookstore, went to my wishlist and purchased about four books, all of which will be delivered within the week. Perhaps it’s because I live in South Korea and finding a bookstore with English titles can prove to be a bit difficult, or maybe it’s the nicety of receiving a package in the mail, or MAYBE it’s the laziness of being able to order a book online from the comfort of my desk or bed. Whatever the reason, I believe I’ve gotten way over my head. I now have boxes of books waiting to be read. My reading queue is longer than ever, and yet…I keep buying books. I simply cannot resist the urge to purchase books used or new! I know there are others out there with the same predicament as myself. How do you fix this? Is there a compulsive book buyers anonymous group I can join for help? On behalf of my empty wallet due to buying too many books, any advice would do really.

Does anyone else suffer from purchasing too many books either online or in person? What do you do to tame the book buying itch?

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Book Confessions: I order way to many books.

  1. I am completely with you on having a serious problem when it comes to book buying. I can’t help it. Whenever I see a bookshop or stumble upon a great deal on a website, I have this addictive urge to buy a book even though my tbr stacks (that’s stack with an ‘s’ aka I have many many books to read) are just sitting around my room begging for attention. I don’t know what it is. It’s almost like this feeling that if I don’t buy the novel now I may forget to buy it later and then I’ll never know the story it holds!

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