Gifts to Give to the Bookish Friend

Have you ever wondered what to give to the person who loves books? You wan’t to be creative, yet you want to appeal to their appetite for reading. Although some people opt for giving their bookish friends books, sometimes it can be intimidating or daunting to buy a book for someone who’s reading taste may be astute. Or perhaps you don’t know what exactly they read and want to steer away from getting the wrong book. In that case, I’ve compiled a list of bookish gifts to give to your reader friend or family member.

1. thermos

What better way to stay warm than with a thermos! Give them this Penguin Books thermos with Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.They will be able to keep their hands and throat warm as they sift through their piles of books.

Price: $25.95

Source: Click here


Give your loved one a some nice mug of literary tea named after classic authors such as Bronte, Plath, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, and Wilde. They come in various flavours, all reminiscent of the author. Mmmmm :).

Price: $17.95

Source: Click here

3. tshirt

This t-shirt speaks for itself, really. A great comfort wear but also a wonderful conversation piece!


Source: Click here bind

Have you bookish friend create their own book/notebook with this book-binding kit.

Price: $22.35

Source: Click here

5. A perfect gift for all the Shakespeare lovers out there. “Tomeo and Juliet” socks!


Source: Click here


A great gifts for those who like to pour long hours over their newest reads!


Source: Click here


Most likely your bookish friend is also a full time grammar patrol. This mug will be sure to make them smile-or grumble.


Source:Click here

What are some other gifts you think would be great to give? Post your thoughts below!


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