Book Review: Neverwhere-Neil Gaiman


When I turned the last page on this magnetic book, I contemplated how I would write a review on a story whose web continues to be spun deeper. As one of my first Neil Gaiman novels, I was completely blown away by the craftiness of his “Alice and Wonderland” meets “Labyrinth”-esque novel. Gaiman created a dark underworld with animal- like humans and a magic that is anything but ethereal. 

It all begins with a mundane life inhabited by Richard Mayhew. Richard peruses through the humdrum of his life, which includes a decent job, a decent apartment, and a fiance. It isn’t until he sees a bleeding girl on the street of London, that his whole world turns upside down. The young girl, Door, introduces Richard to the underworld of London called London Below. It is in this dark world where Richard meets interesting characters, and his own strength is tested-both mentally and physically. Richard slips into the cracks of the unknown, a place where time and space drips chillingly down the walls. Door has the ability to open and unlock doors in practically any location. She, like the slew of charming characters reside in the underground of London. Richard accompanies Door on a adventure to solve the mystery of the murder of her family. Along the way, friends and enemies are made, and a literal and figurative beast makes an appearance.

It is without a doubt that Neverwhere will leave you constantly turning pages, and wondering what happens next. It is a mystery wrapped in fantasy shrouded with darkness. I admire Gaiman for writing such a fantastic novel,and I enjoyed it through and through. The characters are developed well and en capture the essence of the underground. The ending was slightly disappointing, however I am pleased with the overall outcome of the book. I would recommended this novel to anyone interested in twisted fantasies. Gaiman knows how to capture an audience and hold them in place. I am eager to read more Neil Gaiman novels to see if they match with Neverwhere. Although I have heard Neverwhere isn’t Gaiman’s best book, it exceeded my expectations (which are quite high), and I would definately save this book for a future second read!

What Neil Gaiman books are your favourite?


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Neverwhere-Neil Gaiman

  1. Hi. I finished the book just 2 weeks ago. I miss London so I decided to read this book when it was chosen to be the 51st bookbench. I love the journey through London!
    I felt disappointed once I was done. I expected more from Richard…he was a rather passive protagonist. The twist was unexpected so that’s good.
    I heard that there is an adaptation in the form of radio play. It stars James McAvoy & Benedict Cumberbatch. Look forward to listening to it. Oh Neil Gaiman apparently detest the movie adaptation, which was done immediately after the book was published.


    1. Hey great thoughts, thank you! Yeah I can definitely see where you said it was a bit disappointing. There were points in the novel where I thought could’ve done a bit more. It’s my first Gaiman novel, so I’m interested to see how it compares to his other works. And I’m interested in listening to the radio adaptation as well!


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