Book Confession: I Feel Guilty When I Don’t Finish A Book


When I pick up a book, I have every intention of finishing it. Sometimes I come across tomes that don’t pull my interest, and eventually reading them turn into almost a chore. It is when reading becomes laborious I am faced with a difficult decision: attempt to continue reading or to simply move on to another book. I feel completely guilty when I don’t finish a book because I feel like I didn’t give the book a fair chance. It turns into a cheesy romcom breakup scene and I yell “It’s me NOT you, book!” I’m sure many of you can identify with not being able to finish a book; you can feel the literary eyes of judgement peering at you and you can practically hear the”tisk “tisk” of nearby bibliophiles. If there’s one thing that makes you feel queasier than green pea soup, it’s leaving a book unfinished.

Although it may seem impossible to leave a book incomplete, I am here to tell you it’s OKAY if you do not finish a book, and here are some reasons why:

1. If you have a long TBR list, reading a book that is not capturing your attention will only hold you further back from completing the lists of books you want to read.

2.  Apply the 50 page rule. If you can’t get into the book by the first 50 pages, time to leave it alone and move on to the next.

3. Even the most literary astute person does not finish every book they pick up. Don’t let the big dogs fool you, even they don’t finish books.

4. Why spend time on a book you don’t like, when you could spending time reading a book you do like!

5. If you ABSOLUTELY have to finish a book, spread out your reading and only read portions while reading another book you enjoy.

Reading should be about freedom, and it should not feel like a mundane task. Don’t feel guilty anymore about not completing a book. Somewhere out there in the world, someone is enjoying the book you didn’t care for. There is a book for every person and every interest. Just know that if it didn’t fulfill your taste, it will satisfy someone else’s. That’s the beauty of reading.

Happy Friday and Happy Reading!


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