Mini Challenge #4 for Book Blogger Love-A-Thon


Good morning everyone! It’s the second day of the fantastic Book Bloggers Love-A-Thon event! We’re starting off with another challenge, and it’s called Mash-Up. We have to combine our non-bookish hobbies, pastimes, passion with our bookish hobbies. This one was especially difficult since most of my time is spent reading books. If I’m not reading books, then I am possible having a Netflix binge or eating out at restaurants with friends. I decided to combine my love of food and trying new restaurants with books! I came up with a list of books that I thought would be cool theme inspired restaurants.

1. The Austen Cafe-A Jane Austen inspired cafe where they serve biscuits and different flavors of tea all day? YES PLEASE! The Austen Cafe would be a small and quaint place where Austeneers can come and enjoy pastries and a mug of spiced tea. You can bring your favourite book and nestle in a quiet corner or find a beautifully displayed cafe table and chat with new friends.

2. Brave New Food– Based off Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, this restaurant would bring you food from the future (however that would taste). Lean Meats with political propaganda and drinks given to you in a thin tube. The only dessert on the menu is chewing gum.

3. Hog’s Head Inn-Your dose of all things Potter! Heavy ales, butterbeer, dumplings, and lizard stew. Grab your wand and cloak for you’re bound to get your fill here! If only this were a real place.

4. Murder Mystery Dinner-This restaurant combines all of our favourite mysteries! Sherlock, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, and more! Once you walk in you are completely transported into a mystery and the staff and cooks act a mystery/crime. It’s more of an experience rather than a sit down dinner. And are you sure that’s steak on your plate ;)?

5. Moby Dick:Seafood for the Soul– For swashbuckling fun, this restaurant’s menu is as long as your eyes can sea. Salty good fun, scurvy not included.

What books do you wish you were restaurants?


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