Finding The Time to Read


Finding the time to read is always such a struggle for book readers alike. There’s always too much time-we tend to do everything else instead of read. Or there’s too little time, and by the time we get home after a long day, the only thing we want to open are the sheets to our bed.  Reading either becomes our priority or of unimportance. I know I sometimes struggle between balancing my leisurely reading and my work load I have for my college classes. You see your TBR list growing longer and longer and you notice you’ve been reading the same book for a month. Or maybe you do have time to read, but there are so many things you would like to do, reading books gets tucked away. If this sounds like your life or your pattern, do not fret, we’ve all been there. If you aren’t an avid reader or you are one (yay!), you understand the perils of the days not having enough hours. I decided to share some of my tips to ensure you have quality time with your books.

1. It’s not a competition-It’s important to know that reading should not be about “reading the most books before everyone else” or speedily reading so you read the next book on your list, or even having lists with deadlines at all. The best reading experience is when you are relaxed and can soak in every word the author provides you. It’s good not to have pressure to hurry and finish it (unless it’s for school or a job), that kind of pressure dampers the reading experience and makes it less rewarding when you simply peruse through the pages.

2. Prioritize your time– Essentially if you want to maximize your reading, you have to be willing to set aside some time for your reading. Evaluate how much time you are spending on other things. If you spend too much time browsing the internet (guilty), maybe you can slot some of your net cruising to reading a book.  Organize your day and time, and figure out when the best time would be to dedicate to reading.

3. Find a reading partner-If you find it difficult to keep up with reading, perhaps reading a book with a friend will encourage you to stay on track.  This not only provides accountability but great conversation! This also works great if you join a book club too.

4. Take your book wherever you go-Seriously. If you take your book wherever you go, school, work, train, etc., you will always have something to do when you reading. It does prove to be a little more difficult when you have massive tomes, and they don’t fit into your bag. In that case, use your best judgement as to when to carry them. I find the small minutes between waiting for class, or work, or waiting in line for food, provide great reading time. Instead of reaching for your phone to check your Twitter updates (guilty again), reach for your book!

5. Take a break from technology– I have to admit that most of our time is spent checking our phone or computer. This takes away from our reading as it serves as a MAJOR distraction. Turn your phone off or on vibrate, close your computer screen, and READ!

I hope you find these tips helpful and are able to find more time to enjoy your books!

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