Comfort Reading


As many of us are stuck in the midst of this polar vortex, I got to thinking of all of the lovely things I like to do when I’m stuck inside the house because of the snow. Among listening to tunes, sleeping, and eating lots of soup, nothing compares to grabbing your favorite book and sipping hot cocoa by the fire. All of us have books that are comforting; their familiar pages and lines fill up our hearts. These are the books that we love to read when we are feeling down, or bored, or simply want to revisit its’ magic. Comfort books are the first ones we grab when we don’t feel like venturing into a new world. Comfort books will always be on our bookshelves, and passed among one another. We love being able to become more intimate with the author, and soon they become some of our best friends,- forming stories that imprint our lives. They are at the top of our recommendation list, shining beacons of hope and friendliness. Each of us have our own list of books that are our “go-to” novels we read for comfort. Below I have come up with a comfort reading recommendation list. These are books both short and long I thought were perfect for snowy days, or days when you get to do absolutely nothing! So grab your mug of tea and wooly socks, your favorite book is waiting for you.

Comfort Reading Recommendation List (no particular order)

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone- J.K. Rowling

2. Anne of Green Gables– L.M. Montgomery

3. Pride and Prejudice– Jane Austen

4. Nancy Drew series-Carolyn Keene*

5. Jane Eyre– Charlotte Brontë 

6. A Midsummer’s Night Dream– William Shakespeare

7. Nine Stories-J.D. Salinger 

8. The Princess Bride-William Goldman

9. The Time Traveler’s Wife-Audrey Niffenegger

10. The Chronicles of Narnia (1-7)- C.S. Lewis

11. The Hobbit-J.R.R Tolkien

12. Bridget Jones’s Diary-Helen Fielding

13. The Importance of Being Earnest-Oscar Wilde

14. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)– Mindy Kaling

15. One Hundred Years of Solitude-Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez 

16. August: Osage County– Tracy Letts

17. Everything is Illuminated-Jonathan Safran Foer

18. Looking for Alaska-John Green

19. Little Women-Louisa May Alcott

20. Murder on the Orient Express-Agatha Christie

What books are on your comfort reading list? Are any on the list some of your favorite reads? Stay warm and happy reading!




*Carolyn Keene is pseudonym used for the Nancy Drew novels. Mildren Wirt Benson and Harriet Adams are credited as being the main writers for the series.





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