What Type of Reader Are You

As you pick up your favorite book (or not), you typically prescribe to a particular type of book lover. Listed below are the several type of readers there seem to be. Which one are you?

The quiet reader


You love the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, reading by the crisp morning light. You love sitting in an old leather armchair with you legs curled into your chest as you clutch a page turning hardback. And you especially love nesting in your down-feathered bed, resting your head on a soft pillow as you peer by lamplight the printed word. If you are fond of any of these settings, chances are you are a quiet reader. You like reading alone with little to no background noise, the quieter the better. You enjoy the solidarity of reading by yourself and being able to relish every word of a book without interruptions.  To you, books require your full attention and must be read in a gentle setting so as to not be distracted. You can often be found inside your home, but you might venture to a library where there is a small corner or study room for you to devour your book.

The coffee shop reader


As your sip your caramel drizzled non fat almond latte, you turn the page of the newest thriller or the best selling YA novel. You love being surrounding with the hustle and bustle of people drinking coffee and tea and overhearing stimulating conversations or gossip. For you, reading is about being social and interacting with others with the same interests. You always snap a picture of you latest read and apart from books, a coffee cup is your favorite accessory. The noise level doesn’t bother you, because you can either tune the sound out or are an expert on staying focused on your reading. You’re an on-the-go type of person and prefer shorter novels you can fit inside your backpack or tote. You’re ready to strike up a conversation about what you’re reading at any time and you secretly enjoy holding your book up in front of your face, just so everyone know what you’re reading. Whether at Starbucks, a park, or the lobby of a library, you can be found with your nose buried in a book and a cell phone close by!

The collector


You love books, you really do. You love books so much that you can’t help buying a new book every time you enter a bookshop. However, you buy so many books, your home starts looking like an episode of hoarders. What’s worst is that even though you have a surplus amount of books, you never find time to read any of them. Whether you are busy with life or are currently in a reading conundrum, your book pile seems to never diminish. Your reading tends to be delayed because of other life obligations, but your love of books is strong; you’re just waiting for the perfect time to dive into your collection.

The book snob


You bibliophile you. You are a knowledge seeker of the most high, and find books to be the gateway of learning. You also tend to be a book critic and scrunch your nose up to any book lacking “literary substance.”  You would never dare to read anything on the best sellers list and award winning novels are always in your hand. You often quote authors and books, and no one knows what you’re talking about. Peasants. You get irritated when people have read a book you haven’t, therefore to you, reading is a competition. You prefer lengthy books and reading the classics are a must. Most likely you were friends with your English professors, and always asked them if they had reading recommendations. You don’t have time for anyone who doesn’t read or read GOOD books. “You’ve read The Hunger Games? How absurd.”

The popular reader


The Hunger Games. Fifty Shades of Grey. Twilight. You’ve read them all. You love reading books in a series, and if it has a movie to accompany it, even better! You can often be found perusing the best sellers list and love reading the newest “it” book. Whatever is popular at the moment, you can be found reading it and you love recommending you favorite read to your friends. You are a fan of fandom; you’re probably donning the newest Stephen King novel, aren’t you? You’re favorite place to be (if you’re not re-reading Catching Fire) is the interest (Tumblr) and finding out what everyone is reading at the moment. You’ll stand in line for hours for the premiere of the book-to-movie adaptation, and directly after the show, you’ll tweet its success or lack of success. You probably won’t get along with the book snob, but you’re generally a pleasant person to be around and are always filled with fun book recommendations!

The e-reader


You are a no nonsense practical type of person. You enjoy reading without the hassle of lugging a giant book around or always trying to find a bookmark. You like having  your entire library in your hand, and reading in various locations. You are a tech savvy person and you prefer your books to follow suit. You can be found practically anywhere with your e-reader: the subway, office, school, even PTA meetings. You are always moving from one location to the next, and an e-reader is the perfect way to stay bookish yet mobile and accessible. You may not be fond of collecting physical books, as it’s not that important to you. Instead, with a click of a button you can purchase three to four books right there! While many book snobs frown upon the idea of e-readers, you don’t mind exploring the world of books via technological device.

The non reader 

Yes. There is a special place for you non-readers. As you fold the local newspaper, or NY Times you feel satisfied to at least have a grip on what’s going in the world. You are not a reader of books unless under extreme circumstances, like reading for work or school. You prefer watching TV, and laughing over YouTube videos than spending time reading.  You often skip over long posts, and if you see Facebook statuses that are too lengthy, you scroll to the next. You’ll watch book-to movie- adaptations, but would never dream of ACTUALLY reading the book. Reading just isn’t your thing, and you are perfectly okay with that.

So, which type of reader are you?


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