Book Review: The Return of the King-J.R.R. Tolkien


I finally come to a close of finishing the Lord of The Rings series, and I must say, it is a bitter end. I will greatly miss the adventures, interwoven tales and history of Middle Earth, and the characters developing complexly. As I finished the last chapter, the last sentence, the last words of the book, I found myself wishing the story would continue. If you have read any of Tolkien’s work, specifically the Lord of the Rings series, you are familiar with his narrative style and lengthy descriptions of plots.

The Return of the King was a satisfying end to the series and I was overall pleased. The Companions of the Ring are dispersed across the land left to encounter their own adventures. The darkness surrounded by the ring and the Dark Lord cause the fellowship to unite together to defeat the interminable evil. Unlikely characters such as Merry and Pippin rise as gallant heroes, and Frodo and Sam’s friendship prove truer than ever. Although some parts of the book were difficult to understand because of the many characters and location names, the last installment was filled with page turning chapters and plot twists. Orcs were on every corner and most of the book was filled with a forlorn overtone. I have to say I was quite disappointed in how Frodo is narrated in the last book. I know we are all supposed to praise Frodo’s effort  and accomplishments for destroying the Ring, however he is always described as “tired” and “not having enough strength to carry the ring to Mount Doom.” It is because of Sam’s constant encouragement and help Frodo is able to able to make it. Without the help of Sam, I’m unsure how far Frodo would have actually been able to travel. Their friendship has grown tremendously from the first book, and has become a famous literary friendship. Apart from my peeve with Frodo, The Return of the King, is an engaging final close.

Gandalf remains as the peripatetic wizard, always wise and all seeing, aiding the rest of the fellowship where he can. Needless to say, I am never disappointed by Gandalf. The characters face their inner and outer battles,challenging Death itself and unafraid of the consequences. The final quest of the Fellowship makes for a riveting adventure, guaranteed an unforgettable close to a great series. Tolkien does it again. 


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